The urgent need for solidarity

André Tarassi

Today because of the war against them, spiritual movements and people like therapists and doctors practicing alternative medicine are keeping a very low profile.  There is a belief in the spiritual and therapeutic worlds that discretion will guarantee security.


This is not the case.


The campaign led by anti-spiritual activists is focusing as much on small as they see small groups as being easier to dissolve and terrorise than larger groups that have wide media coverage.


Every week the CICNS receives news of a discrimination or police action against an unknown spiritual group.


Because of an accelerated growth of anti-sect organisations and of the support they are getting from the authorities, keeping a low profile is no longer the right choice to make.


Either you agree to dissolve your movements and forget your spiritual aspiration (and this is the goal of the anti-sect crusade); or you come and build this solidarity movement, that is beyond specific practices or faith, as the best answer to the situation in France.


I do not think that it is going to happen in one day, when you consider the fear that is widespread among the victims of that discrimination. The arguments against this solidarity movement may derive from the belief that it is not up to us to fight, all is in god's hands, but this opens the door again to passive religious persecution.


I believe that it is inspiring to bring in a new breath in our society. Perhaps we would have preferred to live in discretion, away from this world of madness that is rushing towards an obscure destination. But we have to know that these events are calling us; that they are about to reveal our cowardice or the strength of our faith; to decide if we are going to sacrifice the things that matter to us to fear and ignorance. Are we denying over and over, what has guided our lives, and letting this barbarism

Prevail, in the name of a mission for “public health".


The time has come for a great movement of solidarity, alive and joyous, that

is asserting with strength and gentleness, with love and firmness, the value, the necessity and the right to express our spiritual choices, our way of living, our choice of health.


It is time to forget our false arguments and to be part of a courageous movement, of a great celebration of spirituality; we would not have been able to invent it, but isn’t it the manifestation of our wishes and of our private actions. And we will probably come to a point when we will thank those who wanted to persecute, for the opportunity that they provided. without their knowing, to contribute to this new movement in our society which is in decline.


We have to come out of hiding; spirituality lives in the light. We must stop trembling as if we were carrying the weight of committing a crime. We must stop hiding from the violence of the assaults. We must let the world know what they are not seeing because of our silence.  We have to inform, give evidence and assert our natural rights.


It is time to create together an association of the souls, a great solidarity movement that will stop this new obscurantism. This is not only about struggle, it is also about a true wake up, a possibility to find strength and comfort and being back in  touch with ourselves; it is about preparing the birth of a new entity that will guarantee everyone

real protection of freedom of conscience.


If you do not understand now the importance of this call, you will understand it soon. History inspires us to not wait. Today the anti-spiritual activists' expression of hate and ignorance has gone up a level. They are carried away by a feeling of impunity. When the time comes, when their insults, defamations and destruction is matched with disagreement, their strength will lose its foundation; because their lies won’t be unchallenged in the public arena.


What we want to openly express is not optional; instead it is an essential dimension of mankind that we do not want to forget in this tumultuous time.


Otherwise it would be the victory of a new obscurantism.


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Andre Tarassi was born in 1961, he is the founder of the CICNS. An independent researcher, he has been studying new spiritualities for the past twenty five years. He studied journalism and television in USA. He has published under another name, several pieces of work on the spiritual process.


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